The little free bird

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First birthday-present from my lovely parents ❤️ thaaaaaaanks
Sunny afternoon in #kelvingrove #skatepark! I’m looking forward to coming back :)
#FUD diet for dinner with #Ire🍸
Happy Birthday to the beautiful Nath ❤️On this special day I wish you the best! Enjoy it from beginning till end; A BIG hug, miss you a lot :) @natinthehattt
Check last shooting on the beach (and lot of other works) on:
Little things can make smile and produce joy more than we can imagine! Enjoy and #liveeverysingleminute of life.
True :)
Morning ☕️🌿
Endlessly ❤️
Healthy break with lemon and strawberry under a hot sun 🌿☀️🍹
Took it yesterday - Sherbrook forest on Volcano Etna 🌲 (at Sherbrook Forest)
For our 3th Anniversary 💐 Love you ❤️
Summer memores @ginozz
Mexican restaurant in #Edinburgh with @ginozz 🍷🍴